Testimonial 8

"Marn learned from one of the best - her dad. I began seeing Dr. Kasmeyer about 60 years ago and his work is recognized to this day by the hygenists who are with Marn. She is knowledgeable and very capable. I absolutely trust her to take care of my dental health as does my husband. Marn along with her staff comes highly recommended."

-Karen K.

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Testimonial 6

"Marn sees, and treats, her patients as individuals. She does what is necessary to insure her patient's well being. I was walked by her staff to another office in the building for a special procedure. This was after she had spoken to the second dentist and provided him with an xray and my allergy records. It was all done by marn and her staff without my lifting a finger! The free parking, the friendliness of the staff and the relaxed atmosphere in the office is also a plus."

-Lane K.

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Testimonial 5

"It is always a pleasure to visit this very professional practice. Not only is the service outstanding, but I always feel welcomed and am treated as a "friend" rather than a business contact! Care is extremely competent from the hygienist to chairside assistant to Dr. Schweinfurth herself. These women are dedicated and caring! I've been to numerous dentists in my 70 years.....this is the best ever!"

-Sonya D.

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Testimonial 4

"I cannot say how delighted my husband and I are to have Dr Schweinfurth as our dentist. We moved to Portland four years ago and went to her on the recommendation of a neighbor. She is highly skilled, extremely pleasant, and surrounds herself with an expert and caring staff. I'm a former teacher and never gave grades of A+, but Dr. Schweinfurth rates that, and more. When our son needed a dentist for an emergency situation, Dr. Schweinfurth was accommodating and attentive. I honestly don't mind going to the dentist now. "Dr. Marn" is the best!"

-Gail C.

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Testimonial 2

"I have been a patient for many years. I am always treated with respect, genuine warmth and friendliness. Every procedure is gentle, expert, and utterly proficient. I am grateful to have Dr. Schweinfurth and her staff for my dental care."  

-William K.

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Testimonial 1

"I am a terrible dental patient. I have a serious phobia, and I'm not really sure where it comes from. I have worked in the dental industry for years, and I've never gotten over my fears. I knew I needed work done, and Dr. Schewinfurth's office was just down the hall from where I had previously worked. Kieona, the office manager, estimated my insurance for me and get everything set up for my appointment. It was the smoothest and most peaceful appointment I have ever had! The doctor was so gentle, and kind, and careful. She checked on me throughout the procedure, but not so much to where is was overwhelming. I never even saw the injection. I did feel it a little, but not as I had in the past. Not to mention he dental work is fabulous. I was only sensitive for a few days, which is normal. It was the best dental visit I have had in a long time. I would highly suggest Dr. Marn's office to anyone looking for a dentist."

-Emelie R.

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